T3-LX System Now Available

Despite the continued silicon shortage and Digi's inability to manufacture and deliver the XBee Radio Module that's the integral heart of our T3 and RTx systems, we've created a new "T3-LX" version that's built on the +26dBm Linx ISM radios.  Not only does this have similar performance traits to the 250mW XBee radios, the manufacturer has spec'd these to provide over 8-miles of line-of-sight operation.  Just like the original T3, the radios provide the same private, interference-free operation you've come to expect from our XBee-based T3 and RTx systems.  In addition, this radio has a lower price point than Digi allowing us to drop the overall system price.

RRC2L Altimeter Release

Priced at only $54.95, this unit is the perfect middle of the road dual-deployment altimeter, bridging the gap between switches and beeps and a laptop computer or smart device.  The RRC2L provides many enhancements over the original RRC2+ by providing a subset of recovery and flight controls inherited from the RRC3.  When the RRC2L is coupled with our LCD Module, the unit provides a very comprehensive, human readable flight data analytics collection coupled with a subset of recovery and flight controls inherited from the RRC3.

New Free Shipping Incentive


We're now offering full-time savings to all our domestic US customers that opt-in for larger purchases.  Purchase $100 or more of merchandise and receive a shipping credit toward your order total, netting you FREE USPS Shipping.  Canadian Orders will also receive the shipping credit which will help out a bit with your total charges.

T3 GPS Tracker System is now available

We have now released the T3 Tracker System (Tiny Telematics Tracker) which is a simplified and scaled down version of our RTx/GPS system.

Even though the T3 system is our lower cost "Buy and Fly" tracker system, it still uses the same proven core components as its big brother RTx, specifically:

- uBlox7 GPS Engine
- 1/4 watt License Free XBee Radio Modems
- HC-06 Bluetooth Module

The T3 system relies on a Bluetooth ready Android device or Windows PC HMI (Human Machine Interface) and uses any NMEA/Bluetooth/Serial data stream capable app to provide Lat/Lon coordinates. 

RRC3 v1.60 Firware Release

After months of incremental testing in the field, we are now shipping the first firmware update for the RRC3 since its original release back in the Fall of 2013.  

This update addresses a collection of bug fixes and notable improvements to the RRC3 platform, and it's now available to all users should they want to return thier RRC3's for reflashing.  

Updates to v1.60 include:

- Longer connection timing windows for easier mDACS linking in Host Mode operations.
- Supports wireless Bluetooth Host links to mDACS (connect your RRC3 in the Av-Bay).
- Major Improvements to Mach Immunity integration and Launch Detect processing.
- Repeated settings read/write communication issue fix (comms would lock up).
- Improved flash erasure and read handling to improve all flash chip operations.
- Added telemetry features for "tethering" integration with the RTx/GPS System.
- More data integrity testing with new write/read validations.

RTx/GPS is ready & slated for production

After an extensive collection of prototypes and testing, we're finally satisfied with the operations and performance of the RTx/GPS Rocket Telematics System. We have commited to our first production run of boards and expect to be shipping our first systems in late November.  The RTx System goes way beyond the notion of a radio downlinked GPS stream... it provides operation in it's simplest form as a non-radio GPS logging device, to it's most complex operations that support multiplexed GPS/RRC3 status that can marry up in dozens of configurations to best suit your projects and your budget. One board operates "in rocket" or as a "base station" with nothing more than the flip of 3 DIP switches.   Stay tuned for more information as we publish new documentation and software as we approach release.

S.M.A.R.T. Sled and "Alti-Cone" Systems

S.M.A.R.T. Sleds and "Alti-Cone" systems are available now for the RRC2+ and RRC3.

The S.M.A.R.T. Sled utilizes our new 6-32 Screw Switch. We manufacture these on robust 0.093" FR4 and use a 6-32 PEM nut that is 100% annular reflow soldered. The 4-40 plated mounting holes can also function as switch contacts, and the switch supports
hard-wiring or 5mm compression-terminals. The switch itself is a 6-32 x 3/16" panhead phillips screw... finally a "practically sized" screw switch!

We've also added our brand new 38mm "Alti-Cone". This 2-piece, precision 3D printed nose cone accepts the 29mm S.M.A.R.T. Sled directly in the cone coupler creating a simple and effective nose cone av-bay and deployment control system. We've flown these cones to mach 1.7 with no adverse effects, and they are easily sanded, primed, and painted.

New 3D-Printed Av-Bay sleds are here!

After collaborating on sled design with the "Fablicator Folks" (aka Landru) we're pleased to announce the release of our 3D-Printed Modular Sled Systems.  These "plug-and-play" sled designs incorporate several desirable attributes to create a compact and flexible av-bay sled sytem which include:

· Integrated 9V battery holder for secure mounting.
· Internal switch mount for our SW-2 "Rotary Switch".
· Modular design allows sled to be moved from rocket to rocket easily.
· Mounts to various all-thread sizes all-thread centers.
· Pre-slotted for easy wire routing or tie-wrap attachments.
· Precision Printed from durable and environmentally friendly PLA plastic.

These selds are available in multiple av-bay sizes and support mounting of our RRC2+, RRC3 and PET2+, as well as our legacy RRC2-mini altimeter.

RRC2+ Altimeter Release

The RRC2+ is a barometric dual-deploy altimeter, with a feature set for beginners and experts alike.  The unit is extremely small and very easy to install and operate.  It's programmed using a very straightforward DIP switch configuration method.  No User Manual or documentation is required on the field, as all the switch settings are printed right on the altimeter itself.  The RRC2+ epitomizes the "buy it and fly it" altimeter, with a price point that your rocketry budget will appreciate as well.  Check out all the specs of this new unit on our Product pages.

RRC3 System Release

After months of development, scrutiny, refinement, and extensive alpha and beta testing, the RRC3 System is finally ready for Prime Time.  The RRC3 offers an unrivaled suite of intrinsic capabilities while still maintaining a simple "buy it and fly it" operation.  Check out the RRC3 and all it's capability in our Store and Products pages.  New add-on boards are actively being developed for the RRC3, which include GPS/Telemetry, Smart Pyro Expansion, and Bluetooth capability.  Check back here often for new expansion board release information.

New Web Site Launch

With the advent of more powerful web-based content management and web-cart tools, we finally decided to move away from our older, clunkier and trouble-prone public domain framework that we've been using and finally embrace the 21st century tools.  We hope you find that our new site serves your needs more efficiently than before.  If you do spot an error, typo, or other abnormality, please don't hesitate to point it out via email or our contact form.

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