At Missile Works Corporation, you'll find an extensive collection of products for virtually all facets of rocketry. Our avionics continue to set new standards, meeting the demands of hobbyists, amateurs, and professionals alike. In addition we procure and sell many hard-to-find niche products.

RTx/GPS System

The RTx/GPS Rocket Telematics System is a highly capable and very scalable 900 MHz radio-based telemetry and location system designed with the features of high-end units while maintaining a modest price tag. In addition to its real-time tracking and telemetry capabilities, the RTx/GPS system is also a multi-flight GPS flight data recording unit, allowing you to fly all day without the need to stop and download your recorded GPS data in between flights.  The heart of the RTx/GPS system is built around the uBlox 7 PAM-7Q GPS module. This module has a highly sensitive GPS satellite receiver system coupled with an advanced feature set that supports "high-dynamics" operation and fast 10 Hz navigational solution capabilities.  Learn More... 

T3 GPS Tracker System

The T3 Tracker System (Tiny Telematics Tracker) is a simplified and scaled down version of our RTx/GPS system. Even though the T3 system is our lower cost "Buy and Fly" tracker system, it still uses the same proven core components as its big brother RTx, specifically:

- uBlox7 GPS Engine
- 1/4 watt License Free XBee Radio Modems
- HC-06 Bluetooth Module      Learn More... 

RRC3 Altimeter System

The RRC3 Avioincs System and associated m3 Components offers an unrivaled suite of intrinsic capabilities that are typically found in more expensive Flight Controller Systems while still maintaining a simple "buy it and fly it" operation.  It provides tradtional drogue and main recovery controls along with an extremely powerful and programmable third Auxiliary output for staging, airstarts, backup events, and very specialized functions.  Available in both a 40K MSL standard version and an "Xtreme" 100K MSL version, the RRC3 offers the best cost/performance available in its price class.  Learn More... 

RRC2L Altimeter System

The RRC2L is the perfect middle of the road dual-deployment altimeter, bridging the gap between switches and beeps and a laptop computer or smart device.  The "L" in the name indicates the unit is LCD ready, providing comprehensive, human readable flight data analytics coupled with a powerful subset of recovery and flight controls inherited from the RRC3.  These controls include the ability for permissive based separation, staging, or other advanced control or recovery scenarios by re-designating the operation of the Main event output of the device.   Learn More... 

RRC2+ Altimeter System

The RRC2+ is a barometric dual-deploy altimeter, with a feature set for beginners and experts alike.  The unit is extremely small and very easy to install and operate.  The RRC2+ epitomizes the "buy it and fly it" altimeter, with a price point that your rocketry budget will appreciate as well..  Learn More...

m3 Component Family

The m3 (Missile Works Mini Module) Component Family is collection of modules and accessories that provide additional functionality and connectivity options for the new RRC3 Altimeter System.  Current m3 modules include our LCD Terminal, USB IO, and DTx Adapter System.  Addtional m3 devices are currently under development to provide extended operational support to our growing family of Avionics Systems.  The m3 components are cross-platform compatbile providing a "buy-once / deploy-often" operation.  Learn More...

WRC+ Remote Control System

The WRC+ harnesses the ultimate sensory and processing system known to man and seamlessly links this to virtually any aspect of event control for your HPR project... staging, airstarts, chute deployment, permissives, backups, or any other form of digital control. You decide if or when an event gets initiated with 100% autonomy, or use it in concert with other onboard avionics systems.  The WRC+ provides 4 remote control outputs, and operates in the license free 900MHz ISM radio band using 200mW or 1W transceiver options.  The WRC+ employs ultra robust and secure digital messaging for interference free peer-to-peer communications, providing operational ranges up to 20 miles.  Learn More...

PET2+ Programmable Event Timer

The PET2+ sets a new performance standard with the most advanced and versatile dual event timer functions available in High Power Rocketry today. It's the perfect choice for staging, airstarts, or other specialized timing applications from the simplest to the most complex projects.  Utilizing a MEMS inertial sensor it offers true 3-axis orientation capability, and it also provides an interlocking "Break Wire" circuit for additional permissive trigger operations.  Learn More...

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